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الصحفي حيدر الحسيني

The US Embassy’s Public Affairs Small Grants Program supports a youth-led community initiative led by Teach for Lebanon

Beirut, September 5, 2019 – Teach For Lebanon (TFL) is a Lebanese NGO working as part of the 50-nation global education network Teach For All (TFAll). The model of Teach For Lebanon is an education innovation that focuses on youth capacity building to provide quality intervention and systemic support for students. TFL employs and trains some of Lebanon’s best graduates, “TFL Fellows”, and places them in schools serving underprivileged refugee and Lebanese children. The Fellows receive on-going training and support to address educational disadvantages by providing transformational teaching that places their students on a path of academic success.


In ten years, TFL has employed 150 Fellows who have impacted the lives of over 30,000 disadvantaged children in 60 schools throughout the region. This has been accomplished through various partnerships with public and private sectors, from local and international cooperation’s inclusive of individual support.


In 2019, TFL received a grant from the U.S. Embassy of Lebanon, for a project entitled Improving Students Success and Employability Chances in Lebanon:  A Youth-led community initiative that enhances English literacy and soft-skills among students, parents and youth.

The purpose of this program is to enhance the English instruction in disadvantaged school communities through the promotion of American culture, history and values and fostering the capacity building of TFL youth, who serve quality educators. The project will expand beyond classroom walls and into the community by providing English literacy support and soft-skills trainings for other English teachers in the schools, unemployed youth, and families of the students through a series of workshops and activities.

The program which began in September 2018 ended in August 2019 with a closing ceremony that took place on September 5, at the presence of US Embassy Public Affairs Officer Ms. Kristina Hayden.


In Lebanon, many educational programs and school curriculums are taught in English which is a major language barrier for disadvantaged and marginalized Lebanese and refugee children, especially for those whose families are illiterate. Lack of sufficient knowledge and skills in English is a primary challenge for students’ academic progress. Having a strong English proficiency can be a key factor to help youth acquire jobs and compete in the job market.


The project reached up to 2000 beneficiaries.

The activities included but were not limited to:


  • Developing English language skills among students by exposing them to new ideas and vocab through best teaching practices thus, motivating and preparing them for continuing their higher education which requires average or fluency in English.
  • Providing students and parents will English literacy support through extra-curricular programming,
  • Providing unemployed youth with employability and soft-skills trainings; CV writing, interview tips, social skills, and soft-skills
  • Identifying jobs and internships for unemployed youth


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